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World Horse Export

World Horse Export is like Transport and Stables part of World Horses BV in Harskamp. Our Export department takes care of the intercontinental transport of your horse to all corners of the world.

Nowadays horses travel all over the world for various reasons. Think for example of trade purposes or international competitions. Every day horses fly to and from all continents of the world.

World Horse Export takes care of everything. Throughout the entire process we keep you informed about how your horse(s) is (are) doing and assure you of a smooth logistical process so your horse arrives in top condition at its destination.



Export of horses is a broad concept. We take care of the export and import of horses all over the world from stable to stable. Several airports in the EU are equipped to receive and ship horses. Our team and the partners with whom we work worldwide are specialized in this.



A pre-export isolation period is almost always required to export horses to countries outside of Europe. The duration and form of this is determined by the requirements of the receiving country. We have 7 quarantine departments where your horse can go through the quarantine perfectly. We make sure that each horse is looked after during this period.



During transport by air, experienced grooms always fly with the horses to provide them with the best care during the flight. This varies from giving water and hay during the flight to make the horses comfortable during the journey. We have a team of experienced staff who have been flying horses by air to other continents for many years.

To any destination

World Horse Export can help you in the web of rules and regulations and takes care of the transport of your horse from stable to stable and everything in between. We can do this quickly and efficiently because we have everything in-house. From trucks and apartments for the grooms to all facilities to keep your horse fit during the quarantine period.

The Export team

Our organization consists of professional and driven staff with knowledge and passion for horses. A team that strives to serve you in a pleasant and personal way. Everyone has their own tasks, which mutually integrate perfectly. That makes the logistic process not only easy, but also clear and workable for everyone.


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