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Exporting your horse means transporting it to another country. At World Horse Export, we focus on exporting to other continents. The regulations for the destination countries can be quite different. Exporting a horse is a complicated and time-consuming process, which involves a lot of paperwork. We are happy to take this off your hands. We also have certificates from a number of countries. If these are not available for your destination country, we can take care of this for you in coorporation with the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority).

To export horses from the Netherlands, it is necessary for your horse to be inspected and certified by the NVWA. The vet checks amongst others the identity of the horse and whether the animal is fit enough to be transported. World Horse Export has a large number of stables where the horses can stay while we prepare the export papers. During this process the horses are of course well taken care of by our professional stable staff.

World Horse Export

Care for horses

World Horse Export arranges everything for you. From stable door to stable door. Wherever in the world your horse is, you are kept informed of every step. We do this by means of videos, apps, mails, phone calls or whatever you want. Feel free to watch with us. We work completely transparent and we do it with love. With love for the horse, for the concerns of you as owner and for the profession of horse transport. In which, by the way, we are surprisingly efficient.

World Horses is a member of the Animal Transport Association, an international non-profit organization whose goal is safe and humane animal transport. The ATA is a multi-party organization with a worldwide membership. They serve as a resource for those who care about the humane handling and transport of animals.

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