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The pre-export period

To export horses to countries outside Europe, a pre-export isolation period is almost always required. This is a period in which the horses are kept in isolation for a certain amount of time to prevent contagious diseases. The length of this period depends on the requirements of the receiving country.

During an isolation period, the horses are under the supervision of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) for a certain period of time. The NVWA checks whether all the horses are healthy, whether their passports and other documents are in order, and whether the isolation stables meets all the requirements. During this period, health tests will also be taken. Which tests depend on the requirements of the receiving country.

When the pre-export isolation period has been properly completed, the health certificate is drawn up and signed by the NVWA veterinarian. The horses then go by truck to the airport to fly to their final destination!


NVWA-EU certified
Our location is also designated and certified by NVWA as:
  • Gathering Horsecentre
  • Approved Control Post 
  • Cleaning and disinfection area
  • Quarantine facility

Isolation stables

World Horse Export takes the requirements and conditions of the NVWA and the receiving countries very seriously. These are followed very closely. At our location in Harskamp we have 7 quarantine departments. During the process, the horses are extremely well cared for by our qualified stable staff. Each horse receives individual care and attention every day. We have 2 horse walkers, 2 covered roundpens, several indoor and outdoor riding arenas, 10 paddocks, 8 hectares of pasture, several washing areas with solariums, an aquatrainer and a Vitavloor.

The spacious apartments at our location also provide a pleasant and comfortable stay for you and/or your employee(s). This makes it possible for you to take care of your horse(s) during the isolation period or to continue the training.

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