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Besides our accommodation in The Netherlands, World Horse Export also has a location in Spain called Equus Export España. This establishment focuses exclusively on the Spanish market. Due to the excellent cooperation and communication between World Horse Export and Equus Export España, we can offer you and your horse an extremely comfortable logistical process. So your horse will be even fitter when he arrives at the destination.

Equus Export España has its stables and quarantine located in Agost, 20 minutes from the city of Alicante and near the exit on the AP-7. Here the company has 25 spacious stables and facilities for optimal care of the horses during the pre-export and/or quarantine period. In addition, planning, coordination and all necessary health and export certificates are taken care of.



Located in Agost are 25 spacious stables for optimal care of the horses, with sufficient bedding, automatic drinking troughs and quality feed. The stables are cleaned daily and completely disinfected after a quarantine period. If necessary, experienced staff can keep the horses in condition during their stay. To provide the horses with sufficient exercise, there are several paddocks, a 20×40 riding track and a lunging circle.

There is 24-hour surveillance and veterinary service available. There is a good veterinary team of professionals to perform the quarantine tests and ensure the health condition of the horse during the quarantine. If a horse needs hoof repair and/or new shoeing before the trip, this can be provided with the best farriers.


Equus Export España focuses on the entire logistics process, with a focus on export. This includes pre-export quarantine, health certification, customs formalities and transportation until arrival at your destination.

The horses fly with cargo or combo planes, in which we try to book as many direct flights as possible with reputable companies that have a lot of experience in air transport of horses. During the flight, the horses are accompanied by professional grooms.


Within Spain we transport your horse entirely under our own management. The employees pay a lot of attention to your horse and take perfect care of them, so they arrive fit and healthy at the final address.

Only modern trucks are used with video surveillance. The horses have access to hay during the entire journey and are provided with water at regular intervals. In addition, the legal rest periods are followed, which benefits the well-being of the horse.

For transport within Europe, there is a seamless cooperation with World Horse Transport. This allows horses to be transported quickly, professionally and safely from Spain to other European countries and vice versa. In this way your horse travels safely, almost directly and they suffer as little as possible from the stress of transport.



Transit stables are also available at the accommodation in Agost. Spacious stables are available with sufficient bedding, automatic drinking troughs and quality feed. The stables and paddocks are suitable for both mares, stallions and geldings. This makes the accommodation very suitable for an optimal rest during the transport of horses.

Excellently located in the Alicante region, just minutes from the AP7, A-31 and E-15 freeways, our fellow transporters can make a regular rest or a weekend rest. The neighboring village of Agost has several restaurants and supermarkets, so drivers do not have to get bored during a long rest.

Do you, or do your drivers need a rest stable during transport, please contact us!

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